10 reviews for Chocolate Stripes Tomato

  1. Rearea

    Delicious!! These were the first tomatoes to ripen in my vegetable garden last year, and to me they were the best tasting! 10/10 will grow again

  2. candace.elder.8289

    Great germination and great looking plants! Waiting for some to ripen!

  3. candace.elder.8289

    Great Hermiston, great looking plants, can’t wait til some tomatoes ripen!

  4. olsonkaylynn1

    Great I love the color. First ever chocolate tomatos

  5. josephmajora

    Did not germinate, we will try again next year.

  6. ourlife767

    Good taste

  7. auracal

    Started these little late last season though out of 6 bushes we had about 25lb- 30lb of tomatoes. These chocolate stripes make the perfect Tomato sandwiches and BLT’s.

  8. shannonsweeley

    These produced and were a good addition to my tomato family. (zone 9)

  9. evno3000

    This was great!

  10. lamoureux.6697

    Great germination and very strong plant. Very productive

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