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  1. Paul Douzat

    First time growing these tomatoes and so far so good! Germinated all of my seeds. Plants are strong and healthy! Spring, here I come!

  2. Nicolette

    When will these come back in stock?

  3. Gil

    Very good germination rate and to far the fastest growing variety in the batch.
    Nice and fast growing roots and today will go in the garden.

  4. Marisa

    These are by far the best tasting tomatoes I have ever grown. Really large, my largest weighed 28 ounces!! They are super sweet and one slice will completely fill a tomato sandwich. The plants grow very tall and you will need hardy 6 foot stakes if using them. Definitely planting again next season. Every seed germinated.

  5. Linda Pimple

    I grew these summer 2016! Awesome flavor. Loved that they grew in our weird dry summer and were prolific. I love the taste and will be growing them for sure in the spring!

  6. Tara Santiago

    One of the ones I am most looking forward to this season, I tried this variety and loved it, so glad MiGardnener had them!!!
    Germination rate was 100%, started indoors, were thick stalked and 18 inches tall when they went in the ground.

  7. amanda.g.shaffer86

    I have yet to have a chance to try the fruits, but this was the easiest tomato seed to germinate, and one of the fastest to grow. It was started two weeks after the rest of my tomato seedlings, and it has caught up with everything else.

  8. Valerie Howden

    love these tomatoes from germination thru to harvesting. best feature I found was how easily the skin slipped off when prepping for cooking. will always grow these in my garden now that I have discovered them.

  9. olsonkaylynn1

    Great germination. Love these Cherokee purples Thank you!

  10. jklutsch1

    I am extremely happy with this tomato. It is one of the best tasting varities I have ever had. Large plump tomato. Sweet and tart. Perfect taste. Solid production.

  11. dave62012

    Great germination, Amazing flavor but this variety produced only about 6 fruit per plant while my other 6 tomato varieties had excellent record breaking production this year. I will try again next year and hope for better production.

  12. sunshineshopgirl

    I love the look, meatiness and taste of these tomatoes! They are not like any tomatoes I have ever eaten before. I am Native American, so helping continue the propagation of these also seems meaningful to me. I am definitely planing to cage, stake them well and grow them again this year here in zone b.

  13. Nancy Libby

    I am a relatively new gardener. These tomatoes are 1) so easy to grow and 2) hands down, the most delicious tomatoes I have ever had. They are sweet and meaty. We are a family of five and during the summer I couldn’t keep them on the dinner table. These sliced with a basil leaf and a bit of (homemade) farmer’s cheese on top was so delicious, that my teenagers would fight over who got the last slice!

    As for making tomato marinara sauce, these make a wonderful sauce. So sweet, you don’t have to add anything to it! Highly recommend!

  14. scenestra

    I love these, the tomatoes are pretty and the plants are spectacular as well, where thicker and a different color than the rest of my plants and I was in love!

  15. yorka8384

    Great germination rate. I am looking forward to the tomato sandwiches these will produce.

  16. ariel.cook.barker

    Beautiful tomatoes! Very prolific. They had a successful second crop. A few of my tomatoes were nearly a pound. Made delicious sauces and good for sandwiches. I love how meaty they are.

  17. ashleeboivin802

    All seeds germinated. Plants are now taking off. I’m sure ill love the flavor of these guys. Cant wait until im able to taste them

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