12 reviews for Agate Soybean

  1. ragersteph

    Easy to grow in DFW Texas started some in containers outside in late summer with a few hours of shade. Temps around and under 90F almost consistently. Seem to do better than most bush beans in heat. We have mild winters so they might stick around for a while. Added the rest of the packet to my new Hugel bed in early fall to add a cover crop and fix nitrogen. Eaten as classic Edamame for those authentic dishes. Beautiful addition. 100% Great germination rate.

  2. jenmontrie1

    Very sad and disappointing that we had a 0% germination rate with this edamame. Yup, not one single sprout among our seeds. We have had much better luck, nearly 100% germination, with everything else we have ever purchased from MIgardener.

  3. laure1190

    Zone 5a, Southwest, Mi. Perfect germination. Very good growth even being in the shade of my tomato rows. Unfortunately the bunnies ate them down to nubs twice so did not get any beans this year. Will definitely grow again next year, but with more protection around the garden.

  4. nicolesica123

    Excellent germination and very good production. Definitely growing again.

  5. josephmajora

    It germinated properly but very very poor produce. We got very less beans that it is not even enough to make a single dish.

  6. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  7. ilfstara

    Soooo good! Delicious as edamame, very productive and a space saver. These compact plants germinated excellently, put out a lot of pods and did great in lackluster soil. Didn’t have any problems with pests on these either.

  8. ourlife767

    delicious and prolific

  9. evno3000

    These were great!

  10. Larissa Neto

    I haven’t had a chance to plant yet, But I have to say the MI Team is so helpful and friendly. Can’t wait to get these in the ground!

  11. Elyse Reihner

    Have been growing beautifully for me in SW Pennsylvania this summer!

  12. cecillia.xiao

    Super delicious edamame!! A bit sweet which made it unique and a hit with my kids. Lots of pods on each plant and super easy to grow. Will definitely be a staple in my garden.

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