15 reviews for Tigger Melon *RARE*

  1. Katardra

    Grows very fast and super easy to grow! So small and cute! Very productive! Love this plant!

  2. Valerie Howden

    Great germination and vine growth however mother nature didn’t provide us with warm overnight temperatures ( often less than 10C for lows) and we didn’t get any fruit. Will try to grow again next summer.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    Very beautiful and fast growing. The taste wasn’t very sweet, but that could have been gardener error. Will definitely be trying again next year!

  4. dlaustinga

    Didn’t germinate.

  5. kilzzz

    The plant was slow to germinate, but the germination rate was good. The plant was easy to grow. I had 2 plants in 5 gallon sip’s and I trained it up a cattle panel trellis. I have gotten 8 melons so far and could have had more if I would have hand pollinated. I will be growing and hand pollinating them next year. They have a light cantaloupe flavor.

  6. lyonsashley267

    Slow but good germination

  7. Katie Volner

    Tigger melons were amazing this year! These were my most productive melon plant. The fruit is fairly small, but there is lots of it! We grew two plants this year and picked melons regularly.

  8. josephmajora

    This grew well in our location but the problem is that they do not have much flavor in them. I am disappointed given that they look so exotic so I am expecting more in terms of the flavor. I will not grow them again as I do not like the flavor at all.

  9. scenestra

    Good little melon great for a trellis no melon bags needed, but you might have to fight the bird for them so put out a bird bath and save yourself the fight (birds go after you melons and tomatoes when they are thirsty FYI

  10. bkjulia804

    These were pretty easy to grow however they aren’t to my taste. They don’t really taste good.

  11. notquiteahomestead

    Germination was slow, but once they got going, they took off! Lots of little melons with beautiful color. However, they didn’t taste like much. Rather watery. Could be that we didn’t leave them on the vine long enough, so we will be growing them at least one more time.

  12. lilrarasmama1

    Prolific plant far outgrew my other melons. With that being said disappointed with this variety. When ripe fruit has a strong and sweet aroma yet has a bland taste. I couldn’t get anyone who tried them to eat them. I had over 20 melons and no one myself included who would eat them. Not sweet like a cantaloupe or watermelon. Just bland.

  13. ourlife767

    Small and productive

  14. asia.gregg

    Oh man am I glad I bought these. They are FUN to grow. Great climbers, and hardy. They looked so cute on the trellis and the fruits are too cute. Super productive. Definitely growing these again. I can’t wait.

  15. lamoureux.6697

    From previous reviews will try this melon. Not lucky with melons as Quebec is cold where I live. But have done my research and have had success with tropical plants with special care. Will give feedback again as I am sure not the only one with difficulty. Seeds are healthy looking so away I go.

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