8 reviews for Alexandria Strawberry (Everbearing)

  1. dontsmashthebug

    I started these from seed late in the season but they grew anyway and produced fruit well into fall in the Pacific Northwest. My fruit, however didn’t look like the picture on the seed packet nor any pictures of the temptation strawberry online. I’m not sure the seeds I received were true but regardless, these strawberries were candy. They were very small, thin, a little shriveled and no juice– but pop one in your mouth and it tastes exactly like a piece of candy, and crunchy just like candy too! I had 2 other people try and they said the exact same thing. Amazing!

  2. evno3000

    These are great!

  3. ourlife767


  4. lamoureux.6697

    Have ever bearing strawberries and saw these will be nice to add to the ones I have. They usually take two years from seeds so will be nice for the future

  5. evno3000

    These were great!

  6. aliciadapice

    Unfortunately, I could not get these to germinate. I used the whole package after replanting twice.

  7. lindymparsons

    Started from seed early in season. Was greeted with an abundance of the most ridiculously cute berries. Sweet and yummy treat.

  8. oliviakj

    My brother counted the seeds and it was less than approximate seed per pack. I am however looking forward to growing my very own strawberries.

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