7 reviews for Yellow Swiss Chard

  1. fwmilmo

    Swiss chard is so easy to germinate and these seeds don’t disappoint. I love using these in stir-fry when old and salads when young. Order multiple packets to grow them throughout the season.

  2. bkjulia804

    these are great, germinated very fast. Great tasting.

  3. Valerie Howden

    first planting this year was attacked by flea beetles but second planting in a pot with fresh potting soil was successful. enjoying baby leaves from thinning. love chard thru the summer and fall.

  4. evanrahaman

    This is great. but if you want variety get the rainbow

  5. josephmajora

    Love these greens. Very easy to germinate and they can survive with minimal maintenance.

  6. ourlife767

    the chickens love swiss chard

  7. jaydee818

    After several failed attempts at growing spinach and failing (Los Angeles, zone 10b), I finally gave up and sought for a more heat tolerant alternative and found this. Amongst the different colored varieties, I love this yellow one. When grown during the cooler months, they are very mild and the leaves really taste like spinach! Will be growing this every winter from now on.

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