4 reviews for Red Leaf Amaranth

  1. Michelle McGuire

    Grew very well. Great germination. Tons of new plants grew after it had gone to seed and they fell to the ground. Everyone that walked past my garden loved the color and would ask what it was. The leaves tasted great and added a beautiful color to salads.

  2. Darren Lind

    I started these seeds in peat pellets and they got flooded in the rain and still germinated well and I have bright red seedlings growing in every pellet. I think I am going to like these because they are already so pretty!

  3. kent.hoover

    I plant my garden in the front yard. I get so many comments and questions specifically directly at this plant. The color and form attracts everybody! The foliage is a wonderful green cooked, tasting somewhat like spinach. I watered the seeds in and then never touched the plants again except to harvest. Given the ability of amaranth to reseed, I expect to have volunteers next year. I am drying my seeds now. So, I don’t know what yield I got from the plants. Definitely worth a spot in the garden as an edible ornamental- keep in mind, they reach 4-6 feet in height and will needs staking in higher wind locations (like mine) once seeds production begins.

  4. ourlife767

    absolutely great

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