6 reviews for Sunspot Dwarf Sunflower

  1. 94barratt

    I grew these for the first time last year and am using up the rest of my seeds this year. I was worried when deer topped all of the plants last year. Within a few weeks they were blooming! As far as I’m concerned, a hearty and beautiful brand. I cut one or two and left the rest for the birds. A few re-seeded this year.

  2. pgear74

    Ha! I just reread the description before writing this review. I thought this was going to be a “Dwarf” sunflower. I planted these along a fence in a community garden. I was impressed by the more than 12″ blooms and 4ft tall. (Which is exactly as described)

  3. scenestra

    Cute little sunflowers. Healthy

  4. kalauing

    I loved these sunflowers. They are the perfect height to watch the bees at eye level. There was one seed out of the pack that was a different branching variety that was not Sunspot.

  5. mevanjacob

    The seeds had a very high germination rate (mine were 100%). The blossoms were beautiful, much more beautiful than the picture used here. I highly recommend this variety.

  6. ourlife767

    bloomed perfectly, i love this dwarf sunflower

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