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  1. Pawat Seritrakul

    I grew this in 2017 and they grew fast, with flowers that look like what’s shown in the photo. However, the plants were very short, almost dwarf, which is not good if you’re planting a living border…

  2. junkyjunk7

    Very pretty and unique! They grew well and added some nice variety to my sunflower bed.

  3. melindamarsh2001

    great to plant within pumpkin patch. seeing them growing out of the vines is nice.

  4. Patcharavadee Julotai

    They are so cute and unique!! Butterflies love them. I also like that they are not too tall. They are around 5.5′. I will grow them again next year.

  5. pgear74

    The plant is not tall. Maybe 12″ tall. The flowers are approximately 2″

  6. asia.gregg

    These are the CUTEST lil sunflowers. High germination rate and fast growing. The blooms lasted a long time, and the bees were in love with them. Great border plants in the garden, if you plant them in front.

  7. lamoureux.6697

    These are beautiful but squirrels and birds love the seeds when you plant. So I start them in greenhouse or inside after they are about 2 to 3 inches high then plant them outside much better success.

  8. lamoureux.6697

    So happy to get these seeds. Love to have these in my garden as they are so different. Wonderful sunflower

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