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  1. Ryan

    5-8 feet? More like 10-14 feet! Super easy, I started mine in April, indoors in 16oz cups, let them grow to about 8 inches tall then sowed directly in the ground. Grew like a weed. A little shot of water from the hose every few days and a light sprinkle of 12-12-12 fertilizer once or twice a month was all the care they needed.

    Amazing to watch grow. Flower heads nearly a foot across. Dozens of bees hard at work on each flower on any given day. I will plant dozens next year to attract more bees to my vegetable garden area! Just be mindful of the shadow they cast, don’t plant them in a way they will block out the sun for things like tomatoes and peppers.

  2. fwmilmo

    Grows to 10 feet or higher, even when grown close to each other (2 plants per square feet). They provide great shade for plants below and thrive in the heat of Texas. Mine are just beginning to flower. I hope to get tons of seeds šŸ™‚

  3. Meagan Weschenfelder

    These did not disappoint! My friends, family, and neighbors couldn’t believe how tall these got (peeked passed out addition’s roof)! Each easily measured 9.5-11ft tall (100% germination – grew 8 of them, about a foot apart). Unfortunately, the squirrels got to the seeds before we could! There’s always next season! A must try for sure! šŸ™‚

  4. grummett648

    What a sunflower! I planted directly in the soil around perimeter of half (2 sides) of my garden. My idea was to discourage the deer that jump my 4+foot fence & eat all my tomato & pepper plants. It worked plus I had all the beautiful flowers. Until the derecho tore across Iowa. The 120 mph winds took their toll. But some survived & the birds & squirrels are loving the seeds. Iā€™m definitely planting again next year.

  5. jakehunter54

    I couldnt ask for a bigger and better sunflower this flower straight amazed me by how big it was well over a foot wide crazy stuff!

  6. lyonsashley267

    Huge and beautiful. My favorites

  7. avatarnaseerlion

    This plant grow absolutely huge. One of them grew over twelve feet with a flower larger than a dinner plate, and the seeds I harvested were enough to fill one whole bucket. Definitely worth it!

  8. dustbunny55

    wow, just wow! I planted 6 seeds, all germinated, some grew over 9 ft tall! some of the heads were almost 2 ft wide. I planted right in the clay soil too. They were like waking up to a ray of sunshine every morning as I looked out my kitchen window. I planted one each side of my flower beds. Made some roasted sunflower seeds with a few of the heads and we’re still eating them! Definitely planting these again this year.

  9. kalauing

    Very easy to grow. Excellent for the bees. These were so tall easily over 10 feet.

  10. ourlife767

    the flower heads are really big and great

  11. windburn.dm

    I direct sowed these in the back lane along the edge of my fence and mulched them with grass clippings throughout the summer. I did not water them at all. The germination rate was fantastic. These plants grew stalks like trees and were a good 10 ft tall. I had a beautiful row of 10 -14″ sunflower heads smiling at me over the top of my fence.
    The seeds were great and fully mature at end of season in zone 3b.

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