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  1. Fawny Lewis

    just as described, Beautiful!

  2. jacquedraplin

    In 2018 we planted these in red clay soil in SC, and they grew about a foot with scrawny flowers. That’s fine, the soil isn’t the best and there was a lot of erosion in that area. This year (2019), we planted in red clay soil still, but built some stones around them to help with the erosion and the soil amended a bit. All of them sprouted and are now taller than me (I’m 5’5″). Lots of little flower heads (4 inches?) all over the stalk. Same pack of seeds, so they lasted at least a year. They aren’t the big dramatic sunflowers, but we have some of those planted as well but haven’t grown much. I love these. They are so fun in our garden and the bugs love them, a plus for my kids who like to watch the bugs.

  3. paulosmanor

    Beautiful. Directly sewed in soil outside mid March (Austin, Texas). First bloom by May 17th and 7 feet tall.

  4. gloria.maria.bryan

    The best color! Over 7 fr tall. 100 percent germination, stunning, lots and lots of flowers, later in the season there were lots of tinier flowers. Be warned, the squirrels & chipmunks love them too. I got all the varieties of sunflowers. All did just as well. The only ones that didn’t pan out were the mammoth sunflowers and that’s because the chipmunks kept digging out the seeds.

  5. evanrahaman

    These Are Great!

  6. wendyshell123

    I planted these directly in the ground this past season. I planted about 10 seeds and they all came up. I was surprised when I saw multiple blooms on each stem. Very study. I didn’t collect any of the seeds but would leave them for the birds. After pulling them up I threw them around my compost heap and more started growing and had some new blooms in November but unfortunately, we had freezing temperatures in Georgia and they didn’t make. The yellow color is so very pretty.

  7. laura.schollaart

    Love these sunflowers, easy to grow and bake a beautiful bouquet

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