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  1. Tina Abrahamson

    Planted these in the flower bed and didn’t have as great a success rate as my basil but the beauty of the sunflowers made it very much worth while. I direct seeded these and I live in SW South Dakota. So I might have to find a better sunflower but these are so darn gorgeous! Thank you MIgardener for making it so that gardening is affordable!

  2. Pawat Seritrakul

    Very productive tall plants and required virtually zero care. I threw seeds in, walked away, and harvested flowers and seeds. Birds love the seeds too.

  3. awmanthisgirl

    I used a few different varieties to make a sunflower fence around the trim of my garden and these beauties were some of the first to show their lovely faces and they are breathtaking. My only regret is that I didn’t plant more of these, next year I will though
    They have all been exposed to the tornado weather of NW MO and some seriously heavy storms and flooding/washouts (this season was harsh) they did a great job 🙂

  4. jaime ade

    As always, thank you MI Gardener for making a great variety of seeds available I can always afford. I am a sunflower nut having anywhere from 9 to 15 varieties planted every year. Sunflowers are also my favorite seeds to keep for swaps and exchanges. Every year, I plant more and more Autumn Beauties, reasons being the color and variations are beautiful and they are so hardy. If you are a new gardener or even a pro looking for something beautiful that is simple and easy to share this is the flower for you!

  5. briabram49836

    These are absolutely STUNNING! I started some indoors, and failed to get our raised beds in before they started getting curly and leggy, but i transplanted (finally) into a new bed with pumpkins and they are doing wonderful! First one opened the other day and wow!!! Beautiful!

  6. marudesaka

    For how dry our area is these have done well. I planted a row along the front of my house and even dropped a couple and didn’t get them picked up and they are now producing the most beautiful blooms with many more to come. They are truly lovely.

  7. candace.elder.8289

    Beautiful, I actually ordered velvet queen, but got these instead, I guess they were accidentally mislabeled…

  8. gloria.maria.bryan

    100 percent germination, stunning, lots and lots of flowers, later in the season there were lots of tinier flowers. Be warned, the squirrels & chipmunks love them too. I got all the varieties of sunflowers. All did just as well. The only ones that didn’t pan out were the mammoth sunflowers and that’s because the chipmunks kept digging out the seeds.

  9. t.arseneau

    Had one come in a late summer planting. I think I would have had more but my other flowers planted crowded out the few I planted. Beautiful colour, height and held its own here in Southern BC Canada.

  10. leela.dreamhome

    Zone 9b Central Valley California: Mild Winter/Hot Dry Summers
    love, Love, LOVE Autumn Beauty sunflowers, and so do pollinators and songbirds. Blooms galore–perfect long-lasting cut flowers that pair beautifully with zinnias.

  11. evanrahaman

    These Are Great!

  12. scenestra

    Good classic sunflower with a twist. Good germination adn they where very healthy, until the deer found them !!

  13. laura.schollaart

    Easy to grow, virtually no maintenance. Attracts lots of birds and bees.

  14. mwilt94

    New this year. Son pick it out.

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