6 reviews for Grey Zucchini (Summer)

  1. judyluckyone

    This Grey Zucchini, is amazing. At my first bite, I thought…is this good , but, a little weak tasting? Then, it hits that it is a bit mild, but has such an smooth, elegant taste. I will surely plant more next year!

  2. cak412

    Great veggie. Yummy taste,very productive and seemed to resist some of the pests bothering my other squash. I grew 3 plants in a half whisky barrel and they had plenty of room and were beautiful cascading down the sides.

  3. cd.mans

    Good germination, very productive and very tasty.

  4. megan.e.may

    Prolific plant, held up to the heat but ultimately lost to the squash vine borers. Shreds well, grills well.

  5. andrewcaiazzo2015

    These were awesome! They grew great for me, with single plants growing a decent number of zucchini. The taste was also very good!

  6. Katie Volner

    Production, production, production! Great germination on these seeds and probably the only zucchini I will be growing next year. These taste a little nutty and smooth. Great for zucchini noodles, frying, grilling. Texture is best if you dont let the. Get too big, much like any squash.

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