11 reviews for Yellow Bush Scallop Squash

  1. Pat C.

    Has a surprising slight sweet flavor. Actually cubed these and boiled like potato, topped with butter… close to being a potato substitute for lowcarbers! One vine provided a lot. Future years will include several of these in various colors. Is now my favorite squash.

  2. Pat C.

    I forgot to mention, once picked, these store for a months! Very long lasting.

  3. Joseph

    These are one of the easiest squashes to grow. Pick them small for the best flavor. They are more resistant to vine borers than the other squash i grew this summer, so they had the longest season. The yellow patty is sweeter than the white, but less prolific in my experience.

  4. Mike Minicucci

    Has a flavor and texture more like an acorn squash than a summer squash. Not prolific in sandy soil. Poor seller at the Farmers market but they are cute and nice as decor.

  5. sydney1410

    These things are PROLIFIC! I thought the “bush” part and description meant a smaller or more company plant. Unfortunately this thing went crazy in our garden! Don’t know if it was something we did but I think it was bigger than our yellow straightneck squash and black beauty zucchini plants. However, they produced amazingly well and for a long time – long enough that I finally pulled the plants because I couldn’t take any more squash! Fruit was amazing too – chops up nice, more meat to it, typical squash flavor (sorry not very good at noticing differences). On my list for future use!

  6. melindamarsh2001

    lots of squash. great with tomato sauce.

  7. lyonsashley267

    good germination rate

  8. creativetouch

    I planted 5, didn’t expect them to be so vigorous, 2 would be enough. Will be planting less and adding another colour. Grilled, sautéed and pickled.

  9. evanrahaman

    These are great!

  10. scenestra

    Good vines, productive. Be warned the squash are tiny, which I thought it was perfect

  11. ourlife767

    perfect producing squash

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