8 reviews for Waltham Butternut Squash

  1. bpgunter

    Just like the grocery store squash you buy. Very robust growth on these guys I have one snaking up the side of my yard its at least 20 feet long. So far I have harvested about 3 squash per plant and they are still very healthy and cranking out new flowers.

  2. candace.elder.8289

    Didnt get to enjoy any because SVB got to them, but they were growing great until that happened!

  3. nappen1

    Grew well and are pretty. Actually used them in some ornamental pots and they made a nice flowing Ivy. Fruits were good tasting, but kind of small. Had a lot until the squirrels found them 🙁

  4. Brianne Strobel

    This tastes and cooks exactly like the squash from the grocery store and is easy to grow if you can keep the squirrels and squash vine borers away.

  5. alexisfavelafavela

    I ordered mine last year and they grew spectacular. Once they sported they grew crazy fast and gave me a good harvest

  6. simplyblogs

    We grew this is a back corner of the garden that didn’t have the best soil, sun, or water and they did well, grew large vines and some actually had two crops of squash!

  7. appalachianavalon

    Wonderful seeds. Generous amount and they grew beautifully. I used a trellis and has absolutely no issues. I would say I ended up with 5+ per plant. I probably got a bit lazy plucking them off and they didn’t give as much as they could. Looking forward to growing again this year. Great taste, too. I oven roasted with salt and cinnamon until tender. Will be growing again in 2021.

  8. artdfrank732

    Started indoors in early spring transplanted them outside and they grew well about 3 squash per plant.

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