6 reviews for Sweet Dumpling (Winter) Squash

  1. Danielle King

    Sowed these alongside Tahitian and spaghetti squash. Both the Tahitian and Spaghetti squash have been up for two weeks. Not one of these has sprouted. Planted almost whole packet. Sowing what’s left in packet now to see if any sprout. Shocking since squash are usually super quick and easy to sprout. :/

  2. Amy Ardizzone

    I’ve tried growing these for 2 years now. Last year I got 1 out of half a pack of seeds to reach about 6” before the plant died. This year I planted the rest of the seeds in 2 different plantings and not one germinated. Very disappointing because I was really looking forward to growing these.

  3. sharmo0361

    Only one of the seeds sprouted out of the packet but never reached maturity.

  4. kjdjworks

    Very prolific and sweet squash grew close to a hundred squash from one packet of seeds. Plant them shallow 1/4 inch and they will come up. Ordered them again for next year

  5. scenestra

    I loved growing these! Good germination and good production

  6. ourlife767

    No luck

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