8 reviews for Early Prolific Straightneck Squash (Summer)

  1. Michelle McGuire

    Very prolific! I will only be planting one next year and I’ll still have some to freeze.

  2. lyonsashley267

    Delicious and productive!

  3. rose.mcnaughton

    One of only a few squash plants to survive the great spring slugpocalypse this year at our new house.
    The good: Produced a decent amount of very tender, 6″ fruits that were excellent in stir fry and baked.
    The bad: about half fell prey to some sort of blossom end rot.
    Will be trellised this year instead of left to take over the garden.

  4. leela.dreamhome

    Prolific is right! Pick early, pick often. Or these tender beauties get huge and tough over night. They respond well to pruning and trellising. Don’t be surprised If Early straight-necked squash are not as bright yellow as pictured. Mine are a delicate, buttery yellow.

  5. evanrahaman

    Great Squash

  6. Kelsey Farrow

    I planted these in my garden this past summer and they were great! They produced all summer and had such wonderful flavor.

  7. ourlife767

    very prolific

  8. lamoureux.6697

    These grew so well then they got attacked by squash bugs only got one but was so good. My fault not the plant. So busy with my garden did neglect my zucchini’s. But will grow again and pay more attention to these plants.

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