8 reviews for Delicata Squash (Winter)

  1. Michelle McGuire

    One of my new favorites! Grew at least a few per plant without full sun.

  2. lyonsashley267

    Great germination!

  3. shannalgarry

    I highly recommend growing this squash! It’s delicious roasted and a great producer. I will grow this every year!

  4. kee14

    First time growing this type of squash. I was excited to grow it because of all the positive ratings. The plants were prolific and I had more than enough produce, however it is not my favorite, hence the good rating. I didn’t find the flavor anything special compared to an acorn or butternut.

  5. evanrahaman

    Great Seeds!

  6. ilovebugs08

    Great taste. Production was about 4 fruits per plant, but they were put in late. Succumbed fairly quickly to PM

  7. ourlife767

    germination was great

  8. cjk4664

    I finally grew this variety after hearing about it from a friend years ago. My wife and I were very happy with them. My wife who does most of the picking always came from the garden laughing “we got another couple delicata” We could not believe how many squash we were getting! They were not huge but plenty of I’d say two pounders. I like winter squash but not really a huge fan. That changed after trying these. They had very good flavor, very creamy and not at all stringy.

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