15 reviews for Strawberry Spinach

  1. fwmilmo

    Very prolific. I wasn’t pleased with the flavor of the leaves and the berries are practically inedible. I will not grow again.

  2. Sandy

    I just tried one of the berries … they are amazing …. such a great taste !! I am SO happy I ordered these seeds. Can’t recommend highly enough !!!! I have NO clue what the other reviewer is talking about !!!

  3. Linda Tamagni

    I have had great success with this plant. I like the taste and my three year old grandson loves the berries. I find the berries on the bland side but this is the best tasting spinach I have found for growing in Southern California.

  4. inimari1988

    Did not grew well at all. I planted lettuce and arugula next to it and all of them but the speech produced amazingly

  5. colby07

    The berries are s as absolutely amazing the leaves are also very tender when young.

  6. ihavetoomanydoogs

    Tasty leaves and the berry have a strawberry flavor to them but not really strong.

  7. scenestra

    I want to love this plant, but I just can really get them to grow!!! I bought a new pack and we will try again

  8. irisheyes006

    I did something wrong. I followed packet instructions but had zero germination. The description excites me so I will try again and hopefully have a better review this year!

  9. ourlife767


  10. evno3000

    This was great!

  11. lamoureux.6697

    Have not seen flowers yet. That is what I am waiting for .nice greens

  12. dangjialiang

    Had small leaves, and although the leaves were good, the berries were a bit underwhelming. They were indeed very very sweet, but also tasted like grass and lacked the acidity people are so used to in berries. I personally didn’t like the combination of tastes, but feel free to give it a try 🙂

  13. ndemali0801

    I couldn’t get these to germinate. I will order more and try again next year.

  14. patrina2001e

    My strawberry spinach did grow.. and bloomed berries.. I was just expecting more. The seeds grew slow.. so i am giving this a fair rating.

  15. patrina2001e


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