13 reviews for Eight Ball Zucchini (Round)

  1. fwmilmo

    Very prolific plant. Provided fruit that tasted really good.

  2. turcos.sd

    This is such a beautiful plant. It this the most prolific zuccini plant ive ever grown. Excellent for adding into burgers or veggie sandwhiches.
    Yum yum

  3. serabeengeorgie

    This plant just makes me so happy! This is the first time I have grown this type of summer squash and I am loving it! It has been the first to produce out of the five summer squash varieties that I have planted this year. The fruit is so tender and we love it. Very similar in taste to zucchini if anyone is wondering. We have had enough to eat it steamed and add it to our spaghetti sauce. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see how well it will do in our hot summers.

  4. bsjvp.my5

    I will plant this every year, It grew great and it was fun to see a round zucchini for once! It produced tons of zucchini and great flavor! I recommend to anyone who loves zucchini!

  5. jaime ade

    So let me start by saying, I LOVE MI Gardener because their seed price allows me to try lots of new things on a budget!! Thanks, Luke and family. This is my first year with the 8 Ball plants. The fruit is excellent. The plant produces and is a pretty slightly variegated leaf. There is one drawback. These 8 ball plants do have very sharp hairs on the stems and under the leaves. Be careful to explain to young children and senior gardeners that you need gloves to pick them, unlike other varieties. (When planting in a community garden post a note) 🙂

  6. ssumeraa

    All of the seeds that were planted germinated, so very happy with them. The plants didn’t produce as much fruit, may have to do with pollination, I’m a beginner :). I hand-pollinated some in the beginning and then I started getting some fruit but then the plants succumbed to powdery mildew. I loved the whole experience nonetheless. I will definitely be buying more seeds again, because the plants were highly vigorous and I loved the price and service provided by MIGardener.

  7. annev7

    The seeds germinated well and I ended up with 5 good sized (but not overly huge) plants. I only got 2-3 zucchini’s per plant but they taste great, especially stuffed with ground meat and marinara sauce with lots of fresh basil.

  8. simplyblogs

    These were a little lighter than the picture, but grew quite well! The flavor of them steamed was my favorite of all the 4 kinds of squash we grew-from one plant we got 44 from the one plant we grew before it succumbed to vine borers and other pests.

  9. josephmajora

    I have to grow them under a hoop house due to squash borers but aside from that, these are good squash.

  10. scenestra

    Great healthy plants, productive and hardy even in less than idea conditions (shady, damp and shallow soil)

  11. maggiemaymcevoy

    love these seeds. love migardener and the misson they have!

  12. bkjulia804

    First time growing and eating this type. It was very tasty however never really had any luck when it comes to growing a lot of zucchini and it was the same as this only had about 3 fruit after planting 4 plants.

  13. ourlife767

    Not a zucchini fan but my fiancé liked it

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