4 reviews for Hollow Crown Parsnip

  1. David Profitt

    I tried planting these on several occasions and nothing, NOTHING, has ever even germinated. I’ve tried direct sow and indoors just to test. I’ve tried in the spring, summer and fall. NOTHING has ever germinated. Clearly these were defective seeds. They were shipped with several other seed packets from MIgardner and this was the only one that never worked.

  2. dawngoss

    I germinated my parsnip seeds using the damp paper towel method and had very good germination. Since I live in the Deep South, I planted them in September, just two months ago. My Hollow Crown parsnips from MIGardener have been slow to get growing but look very healthy, about the same growth as the Turga parsnips I bought elsewhere. I also planted Harris Model parsnips from MIGardener, also with good germination, and they seem to be growing considerably faster than the others. However, I expect a good harvest from all three varieties in the spring.

  3. avy1976

    Excellent germination, grows nice, long tasty roots. I’ll order more seeds for next year!

  4. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

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