6 reviews for Victoria Rhubarb

  1. Andrea

    These germinated and grew very well for me. They got very large the first summer!

  2. Derek Coots

    I bought these last year and just started the germination process for this year with a 90 percent germination rate. Very awesome!

  3. Dawn

    Great germination! All my seeds came up and I can’t wait for them to get just a little bigger so I can transplant into my garden.

  4. amanda.g.shaffer86

    I only planted 4 seeds so that I could keep my plants at a minimum: I’d rather only get one or two plants and have to wait an additional year to grow more, if I have to. 3 of the 4 seeds germinated, and two of the plants thrived. The third plant was broken off at the roots by a wayward housecat stepping in the pot before I had a chance to transplant, so I don’t think it was any fault of the seeds that I only ended up with two plants. I’ll plant more next year. If I ever need rhubarb seeds again, I would definitely buy these again!

  5. melindamarsh2001

    germinates well.

  6. scenestra

    Germinated well and where going strong, but we lost access to the property they where planted on so not sure how they are doing now

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