7 reviews for Red Corno Di Toro Pepper – A.K.A “Bull’s Horn” (sweet)

  1. ourlife767

    A great pepper, a good producer as well.

  2. reesa.anne

    Orange peppers, not red.

  3. lyonsashley267

    So good!

  4. simplyblogs

    These didn’t seem to be the same shape as the peppers in the picture, but what we got grew really well in pots and produced a lot, and tasted great.

  5. josephmajora

    Love these peppers on salads.They are not that prolific though but it could be the location where I grew them. Will try again next year.

  6. scenestra

    The plant grew well, germination was good, I was not terribly impressed with the taste but my partner loved it, I’m not much of a pepper lover sweet or otherwise so maybe not fair to judge by my opinion lol

  7. ourlife767

    very prolific

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