12 reviews for White Icicle Radish

  1. Michelle McGuire

    These grew well and tasted great.

  2. amanda.g.shaffer86

    Great germination, will be ready to harvest soon.

  3. lambert92

    our favorite variety of radish so far!
    3 if the 5 varieties we grew this year had issues not bulbing up and some of them took waay longer to grow than they were supposed to…white icicle grew quick and every single one of them bulbed up nicely.
    They aren’t very uniformly shaped looking, like pictures on here, but that’s probably because of our soil.
    They taste good and not too spicy.

    They grew especially well next to potatoes.

  4. laure1190

    Zone 5a, Southwest Mi. Perfect germination rate. Grew these in the shade of my cucamelons, so did not bolt too easy until it got into the 90’s. Love to bake radishes as a substitute for potatoes.

  5. jakehunter54

    Grew very well and tasted good very pleased

  6. colby07

    These radish are amazing for high intensity gardening you can pack them close together because they grow like a carrot just harvest one the other day and they are so good. The inside is very interesting and the taste is amazing this will be a staple in my garden!!

  7. avy1976

    A definite favorite I’ll grow every spring and fall. Delicious and large roots, good germination.

  8. evanrahaman

    These are great!

  9. scenestra

    mix planted a bunch of radishes and these where so much fun to find, and they tasted better raw than most

  10. ashleeboivin802

    These guys grew really well and fast. I personally don’t like radishes, so i wasn’t impressed with the taste. They grew prolifically and lengthened up quickly. Try these if u like radishes.

  11. embrown529

    Excellent radishes. 100% germination and grew quickly and evenly.

  12. lamoureux.6697

    Not lucky wit these too hot I believe

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