10 reviews for Jarrahdale (blue) Pumpkin

  1. Audra Marie

    these looked like the expensive pumpkins you buy at farmers markets! sadly only got one pumpkin before vine borers won

  2. lyonsashley267

    Beautiful color and shape! Decent shelf life

  3. kalauing

    This was such a fun pumpkin to grow. I harvested three huge pumpkins even in our northern colder climate that were huge! Will be growing these again.

  4. meruhe

    Only had one pumpkin because critters ate most of my blossoms. Giant seeds for roasting and the pumpkin was a beautiful addition to fall decorations.

  5. micheleahland

    This is my favorite pumpkin variety. Not only are they a beautiful grey/blue color on the outside that can make for lovely fall decoration but they have an amazing nutty flavor if kept small. Jarrahdale pumpkins have been my go-to pumpkins for years now for making soups, muffins, breads and pies (one of which placed in a pie making contest last year). If kept in a cool, dry place these pumpkins can be stored through the winter or canned or frozen for later consumption.

  6. evanrahaman

    Great blue color on the pumpkin, would grow again

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener seeds!

  8. ourlife767

    Very beautiful pumpkin. Not a lot of production

  9. lindsayclark09

    These grew very well and produced a LOT of beautiful blue (ghost) pumpkins. We lost some other varities to bugs but these lasted until frost. We will grow these again!

  10. mrskristinwentworth

    One seed produced 5 Good sized pumpkins! Looked amazing on my front porch!

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