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  1. ragersteph

    Easy to grow in Texas in containers spring, summer, fall so far. We have mild winters so I’m pretty sure they will stick around with the but an come again method. Beautiful addition.

  2. ragersteph

    Like the first review says, these are very easy to grow in containers in Texas. To confirm the predictions, it is very easy to grow in Texas winter as well. Very, very slight frost damage on a few leaves but these were really just left to the elements and forgotten about. We haven’t touched them since the beginning of fall except to harvest a few leaves here and there for sautes or soups. I’m sure they will need some tlc come spring and summer. We really love the colorful addition with the winter doesn’t grown many colorful edible plants.

  3. bkjulia804

    Growing in Brooklyn, NY. It was great didn’t seem to germinate as well as the yellow swiss chards that I got from here but it was still very good and tasty.

  4. andthenamethatsatonhimwasdeath

    We grow these every year and have not been disappointed yet!

  5. lyonsashley267

    so lovely and affordable. Love migardener prices

  6. megan.e.may

    I planted the swiss chard in early spring. It lasted through the Texas summer and is still growing now in October. Very nice color and looks great in the garden.

  7. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  8. ourlife767

    The chickens love Swiss chard

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