12 reviews for Sweet Banana Pepper Seeds

  1. Jon

    Many peppers per plant. Very tasty. Reordered for this season!

  2. Paul Douzat

    Perfectly plump plants these seeds have grown into. I started my tomatoes and peppers early this year and these banana peppers are by far the best pepper plants of the bunch!

  3. Allison

    I grew these peppers in my garden 2016 summer these peppers were tasty and the plants grew great

  4. Amy Ardizzone

    Take a licking and keep on ticking! Nothing can stop these things from growing! Highly prolific with tasty fruit!

  5. Valerie Howden

    Picked my first (of many) today. First to produce of all 8 of my pepper varieties.

  6. sys881218

    These were the first to produce out of all my different pepper varieties. They taste great and were so easy to grow. I planted three seeds and all three plants grew excellently. I am eating them fresh now but I will definitely grow more next year for canning.

  7. i.roy.rox

    Nice bright green and produced decent sized peppers.

  8. lyonsashley267

    Good flavor!

  9. lcb.breauxfarms

    These had GREAT germination for me this past Spring and was very plentiful! Growing Zone 9b. Will definitely grow again this coming year!

  10. scenestra

    Good germination and prolific plant

  11. ilovebugs08

    Banana peppers are a classic. Great production and taste

  12. ashleeboivin802

    Awesome looking plants produced by these seeds. Make sure you look up how to prune peppers to get the most harvest. These guys grow so productively. Big plants followed by big peppers. Will Always growthem in my 10a garden

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