12 reviews for Blue Shelling / Snow Pea

  1. fway_fay

    Great germination and it is growing very well. I’ve only picked them small and not shelled them but they retain their color when cooked

  2. jonathandchernandez

    My plants just started producing the pods are not as vibrant as shown in the image maybe it takes a little while for them to get that color i don’t know but germination was great.

  3. shdesignworx

    Growing these this year and so fast I’ve picked I’ve picked them young. Great flavor and beautiful dark colored pods. Still waiting to see if they’re as prolific as the other varieties I’m growing, but I definitely love them.

  4. chelsiblomberg

    Germination rate was fantastic. Still too early for pods, but these grew fast and are very healthy plants!

  5. lambert92

    i sowed these in the house in seed trays and planted out once they were about two inches tall.
    They grew really well and made beautiful flowers.
    We’re in zone 7b and our springs quickly go from frosty nights to really hot weather and these peas handle it well.
    They taste great as snow peas…unfortunately i haven’t had the chance to try shelling them because the kids keep picking them all
    definitely kid approved!

  6. loganwayne88

    Awesome germination rate! Vigorous growth, my plants roped 5’! My only issue is that only half the plants produced purple pods, the other half produced normal green ones. My daughter loves them and ate a large portion of the standing at the trellis. Will definitely grow these again in the future

  7. steveosullivan77

    Great coloring, but below average flavor. Very prolific though

  8. meetapat817

    Decent germination. Production was not as high as I anticipated but I think weather and timing had a lot to do with that. I plan on trying them again this year.

  9. glmn5811

    I grow to shell them, not as prolific as stated but still decent producer.

  10. kalauing

    These germinated well and produced tons of peas. However the flavor was just so-so. Kids ate all the other varieties of peas in the garden before they would look at eating these.

  11. ourlife767

    great germination produced well

  12. corinnemnilsen

    Wonderful when small and immature but even better shelled!

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