9 reviews for Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

  1. Trixie Montgomery

    I started 3 different types of onions this year MIgardners Utah sweet came up first.Can’t wait to eat these.:-)

  2. Jon

    These grew very large for us last year. They store very well, I still have a few left. Nice sweet and mild. Ordered more for this year.

  3. selliskiwi1

    So far so good! I started these about a week ago and they germinated in 4 days, and so far all the sprouts look happy and healthy and there was a 100% germination rate! I hope to have some good-sized onions this season!

  4. Emily

    I grew these last season and they did awesome! It was my first time growing onions and they produced far better than the other variety that I had. To be honest, they were pretty neglected (due to unforeseen life events) and I still had a great harvest. I already ordered more for next time. These would be a great option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend tending to their garden.

  5. cd.mans

    Good germination. They stopped growing after I transplanted them. I think the soil was to poor on that location. I will plant them in an other location next year.

  6. lyonsashley267

    Amazing taste. Will grow next year

  7. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  8. kalauing

    Seeds look good. Super excited to try this one out. Thanks MIgardener!

  9. acakins2

    Starting indoors and the sprouts are coming up nicely.

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