5 reviews for Red Wethersfield Onion (Extremely rare)

  1. landengraham07

    it’s good too put on your burgers

  2. lyonsashley267

    good price

  3. springraining22

    Most places call this a long day type onion, but it produces just fine for me in South Carolina, so don’t be afraid to try it in the south! I plant my seeds in mid to late November, in 2L bottles, then detangle the seedlings to plant in raised beds or pots. They are nice big bulbs ready by early summer. Or mid-size (like the second across the top in above variety picture) in late spring, if spring temps were too hot. Stick them in the fridge after curing, and plant the best of the remaining non-sprouting bulbs again in November for more seeds. Not completely perfect because their yumminess attracts voles. So I have to hid them all over and get the ones the voles missed! Ha

  4. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  5. ourlife767


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