9 reviews for Large American Flag Leek

  1. cd.mans

    Good germination. Big plant. They did well as a cluster.

  2. liz1rees

    100% germination. I think! They’re great. Many of mine got quite large. I’ve still got about a dozen out in the garden waiting for when I need them, and it has showed and we’ve had plenty of hard frosts. They’re still goin! Wisconsin zone 4b 🙂

  3. sunshineshopgirl

    I live in zone 4b in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and grew these successfully during summer 2020. I started them indoors then moved them out into my garden boxes. They were not ready to use until the end of our growing season, but some were very large by then and they all tasted great in stir fries and in Leek and Potato Soup. I definitely recommend!

  4. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  5. scenestra

    Its a good leek, also I learned if left alone some leaks will ‘pup’ I thought that was cool

  6. vivian-6270

    This is my first time growing leeks from seed and the germination is excellent. More to follow during the growing season and harvest.

  7. cd.mans

    I saved them in the refrigerator and they have germinated very well. Did not grow well for me. To short season?

  8. wardea90

    Excellent germination, had the same pack of seeds for two years and germination has been great every time. They did well in my zone 4b garden. Delicious in soup and stir fries. Slow growers – Started indoors in January, didn’t get thicker any than a pencil til late May. Still growing in late August. Heavy feeders but can tolerate a bit of neglect.

  9. bmb5005

    Nearly 100% germination. Plants are looking healthy so far. First time growing leeks so we’ll need to see how they turn out. Trying to overwinter them for a spring crop.

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