7 reviews for Mizuna Mustard

  1. Pawat Seritrakul

    Very cold hardy and good tasting, even after nights below freezing. It’s mid December and they’re still going good!

  2. Michelle McGuire

    Very good taste! I love mustard greens in salads.

  3. Valerie Howden

    Love the spicy taste but not so much for rest of the family. Need to plant fewer seeds as it started to take over my salad patch and I couldn’t eat it fast enough. Also survived flea beetles.

  4. Mike Minicucci

    Good in a salad mix and will regrow for a few cuts. Still going into August when shaded by other plants.

  5. sekeys

    I’ve been having great success with these greens. I’ve planted them in multiple spots, both sunny and shady, and they seem to be thriving in every space. I’ve been able to harvest through the summer after an initial sowing in late May, and one more round in late June. I’ll continue to plant these through the rest of the summer and fall as it sounds like they’re pretty hardy. The flavor is excellent – peppery and tangy but not overly spicy – and the shape of the leaves adds a beautiful texture to salads. I’ve only been eating them fresh, might have to try them in soups or stir fry! I’m in the Pacific Northwest, zone 8b

  6. E V

    Really great leaves and great to plant in the fall if you want to keep it sweeter.

  7. brianna.shipley

    These grew very fast they were the first thing I harvested. They grew so fast I wasn’t able to keep up with them and the were exploding with growth by the time my lettuce was just being able to harvest some leaves. They also bolted because I couldn’t keep up with them. I would suggest planting them a few seed every week or two so that you are not overwhelmed with leaves and so you have a longer harvest time.

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