9 reviews for Munstead Lavender

  1. lyonsashley267

    Beautiful and cold hardy!

  2. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  3. evanrahaman

    Great lavender seeds

  4. evno3000

    10/10 Great

  5. kellymullen2012

    So beautiful! Trying to keep the bees happy!

  6. ourlife767

    the bees love it

  7. brianna.shipley

    I failed this plant. I only got one seed out of the whole package to sprout and then it didn’t get enough water while I was away in the summer and died. But I lear

  8. brianna.shipley

    I failed this plant i didn’t know what I was doing and only got one to germinate. Then last summer it died after not getting enough water while I was gone for a week. But I earned a lot about lavender plants and will try again this year with what I have learned.

  9. evno3000

    I Love Migardener seeds!

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