3 reviews for Cal-Sweet Watermelon

  1. Amy

    Growing watermelons in Nebraska is almost impossible but the Cal Sweet melons we’re almost too easy!! My biggest one was almost 18lbs! Definitely going to grow these again

  2. desiraemonique

    These grew great in Northern Arizona! Very sweet and I was surprised with how much of a deep red the inside was. Growing them again this year and can’t wait for them to be ready.

  3. blazer4hire

    I’ve failed to grow watermelon before however, this time was a success. The watermelons are exactly what I remember when I was little and played seed spitting contests. They are so sweet and juicy and they are so beautiful. I grew about 7 mounds of plants in a 15′ row that was 3′ wide. They took over the area they were in and I got over 7 watermelons. I think I overcrowded the plants with 3 per mound and should have trimmed the plants down to their secondary vines, but hey you live and you learn. I will definitely grow this again as it doesn’t spread nearly as far as the other varieties I’ve tried. I wouldn’t recommend a vertical trellis unless it is very sturdy and the fruit is secured to it because they grew to 6 pounds on average but some were 9-10 pounds.

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