7 reviews for Sugar Baby Watermelon

  1. melindamarsh2001

    delicious watermelon! hope all get big enough before the end of the season.

  2. drawzalot

    didnt do as well as ide hoped, i got two melons out of 14 plants

  3. liz1rees

    I started indoors from seed, but I think I transplanted them outdoors in not-so-grest soil. The vines were wimpy, I thought they wouldn’t make it. But each vine produced a melon! And they were smaller than expected but still sweet and I was pleasantly surprised! I think they’d be great when properly planted in good soil, since they produced fruit even in sandy junk!

  4. heatherreynolds15

    Easy to grow and they taste delicious. Only downfall is the mass amount of seeds

  5. omegasquadnemo

    Pretty good despite us planting them late in the season. Very vigorous growers and I averaged 3 fruits per plant. Very sweet and delicious.

  6. scenestra

    Good germination, strong productive plants! You classic watermelon

  7. kellymullen2012

    Arrived beautifully packaged, germination so far has been good. Hope these perform as well as anticipated!

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