13 reviews for Moon and Stars Watermelon

  1. Amanda

    This is the single most beautiful watermelon you will ever grow! The leaves are green with yellow spots! The blossoms are stunning yellow and the melon is a show stopper! You will not ever be disappointed by this watermelon!

  2. Derek Coots

    I wish i could post pictures! The moon and stars watermelon in my garden is going nuts and is by far my favorite to grow this year. 100 percent germination as well.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    First watermelon I’ve ever grown! It survived without great conditions.

  4. pondering_cat

    This review is for the growing season of 2018. Ours must have been mixed with some other watermelon. They didn’t have the stars and moon colors/shapes on the watermelons. Instead, they had stripes, like supermarket melons. They also took forever to ripen. Frost occurred before we could pick the one that survived the weird mold problem we had. We will try another type. Maybe ours got mixed up with another variety, but it wasn’t the moon and stars.

  5. deluciajo

    Got my first ever MIgardener seed order delivered today, and several days early too!! These were the first seeds out of the order that I planted and I cannot wait to taste these melons!

  6. colby07

    Amazing 100% germination love the speckled leaves

  7. candace.elder.8289

    Beautiful watermelon! & the leaves have the moon & Stars pattern as well!

  8. jakehunter54

    Only managed to get one watermelon i planted kinda late but still happy with the one maybe 5lb pounder

  9. lyonsashley267

    good germination, but it didn’t produce fruit.

  10. evanrahaman

    Great Seeds!

  11. bkjulia804

    These grow amazingly big. The biggest one I had was 35lbs. They do however take a while to grow.

  12. ilukephotography

    Great germination and an amazing plant!

  13. ourlife767

    not many melons have the moon on them

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