7 reviews for Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe Melon

  1. Brianne Strobel

    This takes up barely any space in the garden and did well in very poor soil and occasional neglect. The fruit itself is juicy and flavorful. I’ve gotten 5 (fits in the palm of my hand) cantoloupes off one decently compact plant this summer and it’s still going. Plus they’re absolutely adorable. I will grow this every year from now on.

  2. bczilok

    Lots of flavor on compact vines. Not the sweetest melon but great for containers.

  3. lyonsashley267

    Awesome germination

  4. simplyblogs

    These grew great little melons on compact vines. My family raved about the flavor!

  5. nybesar

    Grew well, but not my favorite. The taste is not very sweet so I didn’t like it. I got about 4 melons per plant. My dog enjoys it though and knows to smell and pick it when ripe …

  6. colby07

    These are so fun to grow and they are the best personal melon ever

  7. ourlife767


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