2 reviews for Golden Beauty Casaba – Melon

  1. zenacat03

    This was my first time growing melons. I started these indoors from seed and transplanted three to my garden. I am not going to lie, I thought these were goners. They sat and sat and sat while everything grew around them. It took almost a month for them to take off, and then they just grew and grew and grew. I harvested my first melon yesterday(Zone 7), it weighed six pounds, and was absolutely delicious.

  2. jerrymmobley

    Out of all the melons that survived through the cucumber beetles, this one had good flavor. I actually ordered Canary yellow and that’s what the pack says, but I just realized when I saw this melon picture that it’s what was really in the pack. They were very wrinkly saggy looking, not smooth lol.

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