5 reviews for Charleston Grey Watermelon

  1. skippysmom1

    This seed produced 4 big watermelons that were sweet and juicy. Not too many seeds. I live in Maryland and planted seeds inside in March. I planted them outside the second week in May and they were ripe by the third week in August. I hope to plant more next year.

  2. lyonsashley267

    Good germination and flavor! Will planf again.

  3. Djbrown04

    MIgardener seeds have the best germination rate and I dont buy much else! You will not regret your order

    These watermelon are the best! Sweet, large and dont go mealy.

    When we move 8hrs south I had no idea how I was going to grow in MO clay. An oder of MIgardener seeds and a load of garden soil.

  4. ilukephotography

    Excellent germination!

  5. ourlife767


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