5 reviews for Canary Yellow Melon

  1. Christy

    Every interesting melon. It tasted like a cross between an apple and a pineapple and was very sweet. My vines didn’t grow particularly well but that was completely my fault for growing them in a container and forgetting to water them all the time while we had a very bad drought. Even with my horrid neglect I still got some fruit so I think if grown in proper conditions they would be prolific.

  2. melindamarsh2001

    got 1 delicious melon. will give another try next year.

  3. asia.gregg

    The taste of these… amazing. Great germination rate and they are beautiful. I grew them up a trellis and they did wonderful. For sure doing these again this year.

  4. ashleeboivin802

    So excited for these guys. Good germination, and plants take off fast. I haven’t had any fruit yet, but i cant wait until i do. Growing 100% in fabric grow bags. These guys are doing awesome. Cant wait to taste soon!

  5. cd.mans

    It didn’t like to be transplanted.

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