15 reviews for Salad Bowl Mix

  1. Edward Oliver

    Sprouted well with a good germination rate. I do wish you had the 10 different greens listed so I knew what lettuces I was eating. Thanks!

  2. Darren Lind

    Sprouted evenly. Growing vigorously in containers in my house because of late snow. Delicious mix. Harvested twice already. Bout 5 more packets!

  3. yackley_n

    Amazing germination rates

  4. sabine.katsavrias

    Yes please name the types of greens! Just lovely


    Best lettuce results I’ve ever gotten. Excellent germination, nice varieties, beautiful colors and textures, great crispy taste, healthy plants. I will continue to purchase these in the future.

  6. sarahkm1622

    Sprouted up very quickly. Very beautiful and tasty mix!

  7. lammeri

    My go-to salad mix seed! I’ve grown it in containers with great germination and taste. Mostly a cut and come again option in my household.

  8. drawzalot

    lots of differrent kinds of lettuce that ive never seen before

  9. camdj_24

    Great germination and fast! Love this mix!

  10. simplyblogs

    This grew really well for us over winter and didn’t take as much room in the garden as many kinds so felt like I got more harvest for the area I had to give to lettuce.

  11. leela.dreamhome

    Perfect for scatter sowing between early daffodils or patio container kitchen garden. Lovely as cut and come again baby greens, but also lush and tender when mature.

  12. scenestra

    Good basic salad mix

  13. oliviakj

    Can’t wait to get these into the soil. Excited to see what types of salad I’ll be growing.

  14. oliviakj

    Can’t wait to get my salad mix started. Excited about the varieties though I do not know there names but I love surprises.

  15. ourlife767


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