6 reviews for Rouge D’Hiver Lettuce

  1. jonathandchernandez

    100 percent germination very fast grower even though I left them in standing water for a day or two they are thriving and doing great. Still pretty young plants so not quite sure how they taste

  2. jonathandchernandez

    This lettuce did very well compared to my iceberg lettuce mine started off a deep red and slowly grew out to a deep green with red on the edges and a little on the leaf. This was more heat tolerant than my iceberg which browned and wilted on hot days. Also something I didn’t know it started putting off like 3 or 4 smaller heads from one stem.

  3. Valerie Howden

    wonderful addition to my garden. have yet to try in cooler temps (zone 2b). something to try in the fall from seedlings. great taste too.

  4. Joseph

    I would say this is your average lettuce. I didn’t find anything extremely special about this besides maybe its color. This is a good variety to plant in the fall since I found it to withstand cold temperatures better than other lettuce varieties such as pairs cos and iceberg.

  5. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  6. ourlife767

    All that I planted germinated well

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