15 reviews for Red Sails Leaf Lettuce

  1. Michelle McGuire

    Beautiful coloring and great flavor!

  2. Thanh

    Choosing the right lettuce variety for Florida growing is tricky. These grew really well in Florida’s winter. Grew them in beginning of December, now mid-late January they are ready to eat. Very attractive ruffled leaves.

    Lolla Rossa is another variety that does well down here.

  3. Jason

    This is a AAS winner

  4. Amy Ardizzone

    Best lettuce I’ve ever grown. I easily get 6 pickings off my lettuce before it starts to bolt. Beautiful color makes this lettuce beautiful in salads and on sandwiches.

  5. simplyblogs

    My daughter grew this in early spring but purchased it because she had read it is good for summer growing, too. I started some inside the cool basement and it germinated well. We planted it outside in 90 degree weather, covering it with shade cloth in the hottest part of the day. We also keep it watered well to help keep it cool. So far it is doing great and we are beginning to pick the outer leaves. I also am trying it on a south facing windowsill and so far it is doing great. It is my favorite to grow by far.

  6. Melissa Krat

    I live in Zone 5b at high elevation. I found MI gardener this summer and when I got this lettuce in I thought it would be a good time to plant such. Temps spiked to record highs for this time of year with 100 degree temps, it was super dry and raining ash from wildfires down on the plants. I put shade clothe over these and watered them a lot and they not only lived, but thrived. Then the weather dropped to record lows with an early Sept 7th frost when our first frost is normally Sept 23rd. We went from raining ash to icey snow and 25 degrees and icy snow in 24 hours. This lettuce lived, thrived and is doing wonderfully. It is a beautiful color with red and green leaves. It is a loose leaf lettuce. I tasted some and it has a fresh, crisp and fabulous taste. It was everything one could want from a mesculin style lettuce and was in addition a tough plant, handling dramatic temp swings like a champ. It also was left alone by best and I have them in my garden. I would def grow this lettuce again.

  7. jakehunter54

    This lettuce grew very well and produced more than i needed

  8. lyonsashley267

    tastes great and easy to grow

  9. John W

    This grows well in zone 7b. Has a great taste.

  10. micheleahland

    I really liked this lettuce, it’s beautiful, taste great and made for a nice mixed salad. Our weather was a bit weird this year with the higher than normal summer heat due to the wildfires which resulted in some of this bolting a little quicker than I would have liked. I have more of it growing now and it’s doing much better. I’ll probably add this to my winter/spring lettuce collection for my warm 9b/10 zone and see if it does any better next summer (assuming we don’t have any nearby fires again).

  11. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  12. scenestra

    Beautiful lettuce, as vegan I eat a ridiculous amount of greens and pretty lettuce is wonderful!

  13. ourlife767

    beautiful lettuce variety

  14. tinahkauffman

    So easy to grow, and so delicious! Germinated fantastic, at 100%, which astounded me! Another great winner from MIGardner! Thank you!

  15. st.harada

    Growing quickly in my raised bed. Great germination rate

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