13 reviews for Red Romaine Lettuce

  1. Joseph S

    The germination rate was close to 100%, grows fast and makes a beautiful addition to my salad mix.

  2. Kris

    Waitlist for red romaine seeds tks

  3. Joseph

    The red romaine grew all most as fast as the green romaine I inter-planted. I loved the color addition for a bag of mixed romaine for the farmer’s market. The seed germination rate was great.

  4. Mike Minicucci

    Very pretty, even folks at the Farmer’s Market who think lettuce should be green will eat this variety. Grows well in sandy soil. Leaves stay small and slow to bolt. Can sometimes wilt after picking in very hot weather, but if soaked in ice water for 20 minutes, it will perk back up. Outer leaves don’t get icky or spotty like green lettuces.

  5. olsonkaylynn1

    great and produced very well for me. I hve to grow these in late oct for FL, but I love these thank you.

  6. ayalaadilene

    Ordered a few weeks ago and have had one seed germinate out of a minimum of fifty I sowed on two separate occasions. Not sure if I just received a bad seed packet.

  7. lyonsashley267

    Delicious and pretty!

  8. scenestra

    This stuff is gorgeous! I need this all the time!

  9. honglily13

    Being that I live in a hot place, I always struggle to germinate lettuce. I found that with this lettuce and much of MIgardener’s seeds, that the germination rate is right around 100%. I really enjoyed the flavor of this lettuce and even when grown in a warm climate, they thrive in a shady spot in my garden.

  10. ourlife767

    germinated 100%

  11. Marisa Pursell

    grew fast and super easy to grow. perfect for any beginner gardener

  12. justineoliverosjco

    Fast germination. Growing for cut and come again method for myself. I’m also growing full heads for family and friends.

  13. lamoureux.6697

    Beautiful and tasty

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