10 reviews for Prizehead Leaf Lettuce

  1. Carol Smith

    I have grown this lettuce for 2 years and it is soooo good! Prizehead lettuce is beautiful in the garden, in your salad, or on your sandwich and it isn’t bitter like some home grown lettuces can be. I grow it in East Tn, zone 6b.

  2. Pawat

    This is a really good variety all around. Started super early in the spring, grew quick, and stayed sweet for a while. Almost 100% germination.

  3. Diana Williams-Coe

    This was my first time planting lettuce and my first time planting in a container, I follow the YouTube video on Lettuce and it was awesome. It came up fast, I cut the top off, watered it again and more grew up. Will buy more to grow in my container.. Indianapolis IN zone 6… partial sunny area

  4. John

    This is a very attractive lettuce, grows well via the Kratky method and is quite tasty. Definitely a winner and one that I will reorder.

  5. bluefishdown

    grows very well and not bitter at all very delicious grew in a line in a cut and come again setup I saw on the migardener youtube page.

  6. bigelowkisa

    I am on my 3rd year growing this lettuce! It is so gorgeous! It really adds color to a salad. I used to trick my son into thinking I picked leaves off our red maple tree and put them in our salad when he was little. Now he knows mom was up to her funny business.

  7. sydney1410

    This lettuce is a “prize” indeed! Great grower, slower to bolt when the heat hit but not as good as maybe a couple other varieties. However I think I harvested for four weeks in spring/summer and had a very bountiful harvest! Large leaves looked gorgeous! A great producer for the slightly cooler months I think, but not too bad for summer.

  8. cd.mans

    Good germination, easy plant, very productive and very tasty!

  9. John W

    Easy to grow and looks good in a salad. Great taste. Will be growing it for a 3rd year!

    Zone 7b

  10. scenestra

    Good quality lettuce!

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