21 reviews for Lolla Rossa Leaf Lettuce

  1. Thanh

    Out of all the lettuce I grew during spring in Florida these were the best performer because they can tolerate the heat and have no pests. The greener variety sometimes have leaf miners or bolted from the heat. It is April in South Florida and these still have not bolted.

  2. Valerie Howden

    Delicious. Grew very fast for me this spring and summer.

  3. Mike Minicucci

    Attention getting in a salad mix. Outer leaves don’t get icky like with green lettuces. Goes limp faster than most if it isn’t taken care of promptly after cutting. Larger leaves – good for salads or sandwiches.

  4. sabine.katsavrias

    great germination and seed count in pack! Growing well for me sewn intensively mixed with butter head , cut and regrow style cultivation working well. Using light shade cloth due to hot south australian climate, so colour is not as intense as in pic. Taste great, growing fast, no pests so far.

  5. DeirdrePsalms1151

    This lettuce is worth growing for the color alone! Delicious and delicate in flavor. Great for sandwiches instead of regular green lettuce. Buttery soft texture in salads. Absolutely appealing to the eyes!

  6. angelakotyk

    Great germination. Grew very quickly. Amazing deep purple colour. It adds a great colour and flavor to any salad.

  7. bigelowkisa

    I was shocked how quickly this was growing! I am in love with the deep color! Also it adds great flavor to a salad! Have fun growing!

  8. cd.mans

    Good germination, easy plant, very productive, tasty and beautiful.

  9. nappen1

    Nice lettuce. I prefer the standard red leaf, but this is a close follower. lots of seeds, good germination if it is not too hot. Growing well in DC, but did not do well in San Antonio-but few of our leaf lettuces did during the hot spring this year. Did much better in a fall planting and through the mild winter.

  10. bouncerdjwife

    This sprouted so quickly and are so pretty. They make such a pretty addition to salads. Fresh and crisp.

  11. jakehunter54

    Grew very well and fast and tasted delicious!

  12. lyonsashley267

    great taste

  13. John W

    Does well in a grow bag. It taste great. I will grow again next year. Zone 7b

  14. josephmajora

    Very good to grow in spring here in Dallas.

  15. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  16. sisterbasil

    2020 was our second year growing Lolla Rossa. We love it. The first year we grew it in our raised bed. In 2020 we grew it in our market garden. We planted a row about 30′ long. We didn’t plant enough. There are 5 salad eaters in our household. We alternated cuttings so there was always some growing but this lettuce made ‘salad night’ so popular that it was nearly always cut down. It just kept producing until our first really hard frost. Love it!

  17. scenestra

    I think I may be addicted to pretty red lettuces! Thank you for another gorgeous option!

  18. ourlife767

    very gorgeous red colored lettuce

  19. ameliamckenna17

    First year growing lettuce. So far almost all have popped up and are tiny and cute! Can’t wait to see them get bigger!

  20. libby7286

    I have no pest at all yet but I haven’t cut and waited yet (for me that’s normally when every bug in the world will show). Easy to grow, easier to eat, please give this variety a try.

  21. mark.j.blizzard122398

    Great lettuce that has performed well in the heat, stays crisp and tasty, also grows fast!!

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