13 reviews for Little Gem Butterhead Lettuce

  1. LeAnne Hurline

    Did very well for us and love the taste!

  2. Emily

    I was afraid to try another lettuce variety because they always end up bitter in our heat. This variety seemed to fair much better and didn’t get bitter as fast as the other greens that I grew. Will be growing again next year!

  3. sabine.katsavrias

    Great seed count in pack. Good germination, zero pests so far, great taste, cutting and regrowing mixed with other red lettuce sewn very close together . Will do another review if i let any on the outer edges form heads.

  4. John

    I really like these, I dare say they are now my favorite. They seem a bit more sensitive to strong lighting for indoor hydroponic growing, but that was easy to remedy. A really nice crunch and smooth flavor. These will certainly be a part of my regular rotation.

  5. cking03ce

    One of my favorite varieties of lettuce will be getting more seeds next year

  6. desiraemonique

    Perfect little lettuce to get kids to try. Grew relatively fast, being my first time gardening in 2019, I planted them in the dead heat of the Arizona summer, but got a great harvest still, without a bitter taste. When they went to seed, a storm blew a lot of the seed pods away and to my surprise, in the dead of winter I had a ton of these pop back up after not touching the beds since the end of fall. Such a fun favorite!

  7. justeenjason

    I have ordered a few times from this website and I must say they have great customer service and I have not had a problem yet. They have a fast response and shipping is fast. All around great company.

  8. arouramc

    I planted a number of lettuce varieties in late summer, and these are doing the best. I live in the high desert, so we have hot days and cool nights, plus we had that week or so of hazardous air from the fires, but this lettuce does fantastic in the late summer heat and didn’t suffer at all from the ash and week of no sun during the fires. Also, no pests! A few of my other leafy greens have attracted aphids, moths, and even mice, but nothing so far has even touched this. Spotless leaves for harvest!

    Great flavor and very pretty little plants with very straight and narrow leaves. No heads yet, but I’m doing cut and come again for daily salads, and works great for that. My husband is very picky about lettuce and so far, this is the one out of our garden he prefers most. I will be growing it again in the spring!

  9. kalauing

    This was a good base for salads. Great crunch. They did bolt faster than other varieties, but overall were good.

  10. scenestra

    These are a must for a child’s garden, almost s fast as a radish, perfect sized for little hands and little bellies!

  11. ourlife767

    little and cute, produced well

  12. lammeri

    Grew it in a container when it was too cold to grow outside. Produced some adorable little compact heads. Will definitely grow again.

  13. Marisa Pursell

    These were delicious and perfect for our dinner party!!

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