4 reviews for Iceberg Lettuce

  1. jonathandchernandez

    Great fast growing lettuce. Not yet grown to full size but it’s only been a few weeks. Leaves are very green and large

  2. jonathandchernandez

    This lettuce did eh but I’ve heard many say not to grow iceberg so maybe my fault. This lettuce grew super well 100 percent germination didn’t get very big and heads were a joke may try again but I’ll most likely try better lettuce varieties

  3. Joseph

    Iceberg lettuce is amazing when used for its leaves, but I found that actually getting a storebought-quality head of iceberg lettuce is extremely difficult, if not impossible, since it requires an uninterrupted, lengthy cool-season — something that never happens in my area. Great lettuce variety, but don’t expect to get a head of lettuce the first try.

  4. ourlife767

    tons of seeds, fast growing

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