14 reviews for Freckles Romaine Lettuce

  1. Dawn

    All of my seeds came up and are doing well so far.

  2. Michelle McGuire

    I love the taste and the look of it in my mixed salads.

  3. John

    Smaller than other lettuce varieties, but faster growing. Quite tasty and an attractive color. I grew these indoors Kratky style, turned out great.

  4. Valerie Howden

    great germination and growth. good taste and love the colour addition to my salads. bolted early but heat and humidity have been early this year. will try in fall.

  5. cmovilladiago

    This lettuce grew FAST. It is easy to grow. It comes back quickly once cut as well. I have enjoyed adding it to my salads.

  6. sasha.arbonne

    Beautiful lettuce. It germinated earlier than most of my other lettuces.

  7. leahmhal96

    It was the very last to bolt out of all of my lettuce. It grew fast and tasted great. It will surely have a place in my garden next year.

  8. bouncerdjwife

    This lettuce germinated so quickly. I seeded heavily in one area on accident and now have a patch of lettuce sprouts coming up. Can’t wait to have harvestable lettuce.

  9. lyonsashley267

    love it! I’ll plant it again

  10. John W

    Grows fast and tastes great. I tried the method of close spacing and then cutting off what I needed. It works great.

    Zone 7b

  11. shaselby

    Great. Good growth and great flavor. We also grew them hydroponically. Actually grew better that way.

  12. scenestra

    This is so pretty and I enjoyed growing it

  13. ourlife767

    pretty freckled lettuce, great production

  14. shaselby

    We have grow these hydroponically in a Katky and grow tower setting. They have done great for both settings

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