8 reviews for Bronze Mignonette Lettuce

  1. 519amyk

    This was my favorite of 4 lettuces I planted this year. It was slow to bolt, tasty and pretty and the perfect leaf for sandwiches.

  2. Valerie Howden

    last to bolt and go bitter this year out of my 10+ lettuce varieties. love the taste.

  3. simplyblogs

    This has become my favorite lettuce to grow. It has done well in our raised beds, under tomato and pepper plants in pots on the patio and on my windowsill inside a south facing window. I will always keep these seeds on hand to plant.

  4. Joseph

    If you’re looking for a lettuce that doesn’t want to bolt, it’s this one. In the winter, this variety forms a small rosette that doesn’t die unless they experience an extremely hard freeze (below ~15). Taste wise, it is about the same as any other lettuce, but its rosette shape is what makes it stand out.

  5. kalauing

    Not the best germination, but good lettuce once it got going. Great taste to add to a salad mix or on a burger.

  6. meruhe

    Slow to start for me, however quite prolific after. Yummy taste, beautiful look in fresh salad. I found myself munching on leaves while working in the garden. I grew Bronze Mignonette in an old wheelbarrow and I truly believe it produced a full barrow full of leaf. During the hottest days, I moved the barrow into a shady grove and the lettuce didn’t slow in growth. BTW: no slug problems in the barrow.

  7. evanrahaman

    10/10 will grow again

  8. ourlife767

    perfect growing lettuce.

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